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This is me


UX Designer &
certified Usability Consultant

With over 15 years of experience in UX Design, I have developed a deep understanding of user-centered design principles and a track record of delivering successful products. I have a passion for solving complex problems and creating intuitive and user friendly experiences that meet the needs of both businesses and users.

 Mental Explorer   UX Lover 
 Artist   Yogi

I’m a GDR kid who loved climbing trees and exploring the woods with my sister and grandma. I survived school but finished my optometrist apprenticeship as best in year and with honors. My curiosity and fascination with having a positive impact on people's lives brought me into UX Design, which I studied for the following four years. Just a few years later, and with another Usability Consultant certificate in my hands, I took my chance and moved to the Bay Area, CA ... a place that was out of reach just a couple of decades ago.


Now I’m back, loving Berlin and the bittersweet feeling of Fernweh.

Summary and fun facts

I love creating intuitive and meaningful products, which positively impact customers' lives and society.​


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Usability Consultant


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“Best coworker ever”


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