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opportunities to design with purpose and to be part of a community that can make a difference.


This is me

I’m a GDR kid who loved climbing trees and exploring the woods with my sister and grandma. I survived school but finished my optometrist apprenticeship as best in year and with honors. My curiosity and fascination with having a positive impact on people's lives brought me into UX Design, which I studied for the following four years. Just a few years later, and with another Usability Consultant certificate in my hands, I took my chance and moved to the Bay Area, CA ... a place that was out of reach just a couple of decades ago. Now I’m back, loving Berlin and the bittersweet feeling of Fernweh.

 Product Designer   UX Lover 
 Constructive Communicator 

 Creative Mind   Thoughtful Leader

 Mental Explorer    Yogi 

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I help companies and NPOs to create intuitive digital products and services. 

I'm based in Berlin, and I'm available for freelance work and collaboration. 

Contact me to chat about your next upcoming project.

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